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Hassle-Free payments

Receive the full rental amount within two weeks of the guest’s arrival. If a booking is cancelled,you can be reimbursed up to 100%

Optimal rental value

Our advanced tech ensures top rental prices, adjusting daily based on demand, potentially boosting revenue by up to 25%.

Payment Assurance 

Guests' payments are processed in advance, ensuring peace of mind for owners. 

Damage Coverage

Swift Cover reimburses accidental property damages during guest stays, capped at €15,000/year per house, (Terms and conditions apply)

Flexible Pricing strategy

Our dynamic pricing strategy guarantees competitive rental rates, driving more bookings and boosting revenue streams. 

Homeowner services

Each owner is assigned a dedicated contact person for personalized support in their local langauge

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I expect to receive my rental income?

You can anticipate receiving the full rental amount approximately two weeks prior to your guest's arrival. This ensures that the rental funds are securely deposited into your bank account before your guests' check-in. In the event of last-minute bookings, Belvilla will expedite the transfer of the rental amount promptly.

How can I monitor my holiday home bookings?

Belvilla provides you with a personalized online platform called 'My Belvilla'. Within this platform, you'll have access to a user-friendly dashboard where you can track all your bookings, review your income summary, and utilize various convenient features. Additionally, you can effortlessly apply discounts and access other smart functions tailored to optimize your rental experience.

How much do I have to pay to Belvilla?

Right from the start of our contract negotiations, we establish the rental fee that Belvilla will remit to you. This fee is set below what tenants typically see on the website. Belvilla and you mutually agree on the rate at which your vacation home will be listed on their platform. There won't be any subsequent invoices or deductions, ensuring a hassle-free process with no surprises. It's straightforward and transparent.

Do I have to pay taxes on the rental income?

You often have to pay taxes on your rental income. If you are considering renting out your home, it is important to consider these taxes. If you want to learn more about what taxes you have to pay on your rental income, it is best to contact a tax advisor.

Can administrators be utilized? 

Absolutely. You're permitted to delegate the upkeep of your vacation home and guest management to a manager. Typically, Belvilla can assist in sourcing a trustworthy manager to effectively handle the rental of your holiday property. The manager can assist with key exchanges, all on-site guest communications, and oversee the cleaning, including the final touches.

What preparations should I make before starting to rent out my property?

It's essential to understand the typical expectations guests have for a holiday home, including amenities and layout. Typically, holiday homes adhere to a guideline of two guests per bedroom and at least one bathroom for every four guests. Belvilla can offer valuable advice on optimizing your holiday home's layout for maximum rental potential. Additionally, consider whether you need a rental permit for your property. Discussions with a broker or financial advisor can address this concern along with other considerations like local taxes and regulations.

What happens if a guest causes damage?

The Swift Cover program reimburses accidental damages caused by guests during their stay, capped at €15,000 annually per house. However, intentional damages, negligence, alcohol/substance-related damages, theft, fire, natural disasters, and certain activities are excluded. Specific items like fences, lawns, gates, and damages related to criminal activities are not covered. Extra cleaning costs are also not reimbursed.

How can I upload photos of my vacation home?

During the registration process, we ask you to upload photos of your accommodation. This is an important step because these photos give guests a first impression of your vacation home. Upload photos that give guests a good idea of your vacation rental, both from the inside and also from the outside.

How can I update my home's data?

You can change the details of your home quickly and easily via your personal dashboard in 'My Belvilla'. My Belvilla is your personal online account where you will find all the information you need: schedules, prices, rental administration, rental performance, guest experience, etc. Through this dashboard you can also change data, add photos and, for example, report damage caused by guests.

Do I need to confirm each booking?

There is no need to confirm each reservation manually. When a guest books your accommodation, the reservation is automatically confirmed immediately. This way you don't have to check every request from potential guests.

How will I see booking on my calendar?

For seamless planning, we offer two options to sync your calendar with all bookings received. Firstly, through iCal integration, you can synchronize your calendar with bookings from various platforms, consolidating all reservations into one centralized location. Additionally, our API integration with over 80 Channel Managers across Europe allows for real-time updates and synchronization of bookings. This ensures that you have an up-to-date view of all reservations, enabling efficient planning and management of your schedule.

What is Belvilla's cancellation policy?

The shorter the cancellation before arrival, the higher the amount you will receive. Belvilla will only pay you once Belvilla has received the cancellation fee from the renter. Belvilla will always try to make a new booking for the same period. If this is successful, you will receive the rental fee for this booking. If not, as the homeowner you will be entitled to a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the total rental price in accordance with the cancellation policy.

What happens if a guest does not show up for their reservation?

Of course it is very annoying that you have the house all prepared, but you do not have to worry with us regarding the rental fee. We pay the rent before the guest stays in your vacation home.

On which websites can my holiday home be seen?

Your holiday home can be seen on more than 2,000 websites, including Booking.com, Airbnb and HomeAway.(Download the sheet below to see our collaborations) This way your house reaches millions of holidaymakers at once. And you can easily manage all these bookings via one calendar. You can find this calendar in your personal account 'My Belvilla' on our website for homeowners. 

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